Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kitchen Organization: Drawer Chaos

This past weekend I tackled one of the cabinet drawers.

This drawer is located under the microwave, so it is where I keep the microwave supplies as well as baggies, tin foil etc...

(The cabinet underneath is where I keep the bulk paper goods, ie. paper plates, napkins, cups etc... I will tackle that some other time.)

Since I forgot to take a before photo, I decided to explain my basic organization process. This is my standard way to organize pretty much everything.

  • First, I start by emptying whatever it is I am working on. Whether it is a drawer, cabinet, closet, or my desk, I find it helps me to empty it out. Kind of like cleansing the soul.
  • After everything is out in the open, I sort everything into three piles. Keep, Donate, Trash.
  • Once I have decided what I am keeping, I sort it further into categories. The categories depends on what I am sorting. I ask myself what is the purpose? What should be in here? In this case, I sorted into microwave, bag ties, storage wraps, and elastic caps. I usually end up with some odds and ends that belong some where else.
  • When the sorting is done, I decide how am I going to store the item I am keeping. I have tons of baskets and bins that I have hoarded collected over the years, so I look at these before I head to the store to buy anything new.
  • Before I put everything back into wherever it came from, I do a deep cleaning. I like to use Lysol or Clorox products, but I am currently trying to find green ideas on cleaning. (I'll keep you posted as soon I figure it out )
  • Then I call everyone over to take a look at master piece, and explain what I have done so that they can help to keep it organized :)

Here is the drawer now:

I have everything I need for the microwave and storage "stuff" in one spot. It's great to have everything in one place.

That's my way of organizing my drawer chaos.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Combat Kitchen Chaos One Cabinet At A Time

This past week my son was sick which meant that we were out of commission for the weakened. What to do ? What to do? Clean out the kitchen cabinet of course.
It all started as just a routine disinfecting the house of the sick germs and ended in a full blown kitchen cabinet clean out.


I have been meaning to reorganize this cabinet for some time. This is the cabinet were I keep prep bowls and serving dishes. It was hard to get to many of the bowls because of my nesting method. If I wanted to use something from the bottom of the pile I had to take everything off the top. It was difficult to say the least.

 I started out by emptying and sorting the contents of the cabinet.
 These are my prep bowls. 

These are my serving bowls.

One trip to Bed,Bath and Beyond to get shelves.
(I purchased 2 shelves for $6.99 each and I used a coupon :)

Here is the cabinet now.
Now it it is much easier to get to everything.

Thanks for looking.

After thought: I found some cute fall serving bowls I had forgotten I had.
Here is my fall table-scape