Thursday, October 11, 2012

Combat Kitchen Chaos One Cabinet At A Time

This past week my son was sick which meant that we were out of commission for the weakened. What to do ? What to do? Clean out the kitchen cabinet of course.
It all started as just a routine disinfecting the house of the sick germs and ended in a full blown kitchen cabinet clean out.


I have been meaning to reorganize this cabinet for some time. This is the cabinet were I keep prep bowls and serving dishes. It was hard to get to many of the bowls because of my nesting method. If I wanted to use something from the bottom of the pile I had to take everything off the top. It was difficult to say the least.

 I started out by emptying and sorting the contents of the cabinet.
 These are my prep bowls. 

These are my serving bowls.

One trip to Bed,Bath and Beyond to get shelves.
(I purchased 2 shelves for $6.99 each and I used a coupon :)

Here is the cabinet now.
Now it it is much easier to get to everything.

Thanks for looking.

After thought: I found some cute fall serving bowls I had forgotten I had.
Here is my fall table-scape

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