Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kitchen Organization: Drawer Chaos

This past weekend I tackled one of the cabinet drawers.

This drawer is located under the microwave, so it is where I keep the microwave supplies as well as baggies, tin foil etc...

(The cabinet underneath is where I keep the bulk paper goods, ie. paper plates, napkins, cups etc... I will tackle that some other time.)

Since I forgot to take a before photo, I decided to explain my basic organization process. This is my standard way to organize pretty much everything.

  • First, I start by emptying whatever it is I am working on. Whether it is a drawer, cabinet, closet, or my desk, I find it helps me to empty it out. Kind of like cleansing the soul.
  • After everything is out in the open, I sort everything into three piles. Keep, Donate, Trash.
  • Once I have decided what I am keeping, I sort it further into categories. The categories depends on what I am sorting. I ask myself what is the purpose? What should be in here? In this case, I sorted into microwave, bag ties, storage wraps, and elastic caps. I usually end up with some odds and ends that belong some where else.
  • When the sorting is done, I decide how am I going to store the item I am keeping. I have tons of baskets and bins that I have hoarded collected over the years, so I look at these before I head to the store to buy anything new.
  • Before I put everything back into wherever it came from, I do a deep cleaning. I like to use Lysol or Clorox products, but I am currently trying to find green ideas on cleaning. (I'll keep you posted as soon I figure it out )
  • Then I call everyone over to take a look at master piece, and explain what I have done so that they can help to keep it organized :)

Here is the drawer now:

I have everything I need for the microwave and storage "stuff" in one spot. It's great to have everything in one place.

That's my way of organizing my drawer chaos.

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