Monday, March 04, 2013

Bathroom Chaos: Waste Not, Want Not

Sometimes it's the little things that make take the longest time to decide.

In my case it was the waste basket in the downstairs bathroom.  
 We are in the process of redoing the downstairs bathroom. We have new walls, tiles, tub, commode, my dream pedestal sink (yes, the sink makes me smile) 

 Well new everything, EXCEPT for the wire basket that is just WAY too big for the space. I had to tuck it under the sink ( yes, under my precious baby) because it was the only place it would fit. Worse is the fact that because of where it is, you are forced to stare at it while you did your business (sorry that's as delicate as I can put)  It just was not cool.  (Yes, NO WIRE BASKETS! was constantly screaming in my head)

 Don't get me wrong, I like the wastebasket, just not in this space.  For this bathroom, I knew I wanted something smaller and white.  So of to and I an 10 minutes later found the waste basket of my dreams. 
( I know I have a problem :)

Isn't it cute. It's small, it's white and fits nicely NEXT to the commode.  It's not screaming "Look garbage!"and best of all I don't have to look at the trash anymore !!! 

My new view is nice and garbage free.

What happened to the wire basket, you ask?  It has found a new home in the bigger upstairs bathroom. 

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