Monday, February 25, 2013

My Kingdom for the Right Chair

This is one of my favorite spots in the house. It is quiet, bright and relaxing.  Best of all, I couldn't ask for nicer view.

The chair in this picture is from my dining room.   Which means when 6 people came over for dinner I had to go get the chair.  Very tiring.  However, I didn't want to get any chair for my haven, it had to be the right chair, and more important that it had to be the right price.

I wanted a Parsons chair like this one except I didn't want the $210 price tag.  So I looked high and low and waited.  And I mean waited, like a year waited. I knew eventually my chair would find me.

And so it did, in Ikea!!!

It is the HENRIKSDAL chair with cover and it was $99.95.  Come to me baby.  

That is the good news, great chair, great price: bad news, wrong color.  We thought we ( by we I mean my husband who went to get the chair without me) bought the one with the dark legs but it turned out to be light legs.  Our Ikea is an hour and half away so we are keeping, it is just to far to return it.  When I have time I will sand the legs down and stain them a darker color, but for now I love my pale chair.  I'll give it tan over the summer.   


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