Sunday, September 30, 2012

Under the Sink Make Over

This weekend I cleaned out and reorganized under the kitchen sink.

It is pretty gross under there.  There is some irony that the home of the cleaning supplies is SO very dark and not clean. 

Cleaning under the sink has been something that I have wanted to do for awhile, but of course there are a thousand other things to do before I get to this.  After all who looks under the sink besides me :)

So finally this weekend the laundry was caught up, the house was dusted and vacuumed, there were no all day family events and I had "nothing" to do.  Perfect, now is the moment!  It's now or never!

Off I went to find supplies.  I need baskets and cabinet liner.  That should do it, I mean, I already have the cleaning supplies :)

I took everything out of the cabinet and cleaned the cabinet with bleach.  When it was dry I put down some black and white contact paper.

My black and white contact paper was $2 and the baskets were $2.50 at Big Lots

 Before I put everything back in the cabinet I created baskets of cleaning supplies and other stuff.
I have a basket for floor cleaners, sponges/wash clothes, bug sprays, deep cleaning and my around the house caddy.

This is my around the house caddy.  I'll show what's inside in another post :)

After my make over.  It is all nice and clean !!!!!

Here is my cabinet!!!! I am happy to say even my husband noticed it was different :)  
Now my cleaning products have a spot worthy of there titles :)  Now the chaos under the sink is organized.

 I think I need labels but I'll do that some other time :)

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