Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Resolution Time: Get Organized

An organized mind means an organized life.

1. I start my year with a brand new planner. It's a sickness really. I scour the ends of the earth looking for the one that will work for me this year. (somehow it's previous planners fault that I can't keep it together :) )
A planner can be paper and pen or digital. Right now I have a paper one but I am looking into getting a digital one for my my iPad, more on that later.

Here is the one I found at Staples.:

It is Martha Stewart brand and it's a little pricy but well worth it, so far ;)

2. I create a comand center, actually I have two; one in the kitchen and one in the office/craftroom upstairs.

This is the command center in the kitchen.

I write everything the family needs to know here. I put chores, sports, test, project due dates, dinner menu, etc...   There is no reason why anyone should not know what is going on.

The command center in office/craft room looks like this:

This is the REAL command center. This is where I do ALL of the planning then transfer it downstairs as needed. Here everything is color coded and on post its. The calendar has BIG grids to fit multiple things in one day. I love my zone. It makes me very happy.

I hope this helps you create your own command center or improve on the one you have.


  1. I'm interested in your responsibility chart. I'd love to see a post on that.

    1. Thank you for the idea. It is the focal point of our day. We refer to it often during the week.

  2. You are one organized gal! Love it all, especially the planner ;) I agree, worth the investment!