Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School: Week 2 Lunches

School lunch, my biggest challenge by far. I am always afraid that my little guys don't eat and will some how starve while in school. I know it's crazy. This year I have decided to include the children in the lunch process.

I gave the kids cook books, magazines and Pinterest. As they looked through the lunch ideas they wrote down their favorites. I figure if they look at it and write it down then they will eat it.

So here is what the first week of school lunch looks like:

Monday: Pizza Sticks (Betty Crockers Kids Cook)
Tuesday: PB&J Sushi (Pinterest)(Source)
Wednesday: Mini Pepperoni Pizza (mommy)
Thursday: Cube cut ham and cheese and pesto pasta salad (Pinterest)(Source)
Friday: Hot Dog Fold Up (Betty Crocker)

Hopefully they will come home with empty lunch bags :)

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