Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer Purge: The Attic

To say my house is currently a "hot mess" is putting it kindly. Every summer I do a big  house purge.  I sort, reorganize, donate, and toss clothes and toys. This year I decided now that my "babies" are ages 10 and 8 years old, it's time to purge the baby stuff.  Yes, ALL the baby stuff is the attic.  I'm talking: high chairs, cribs, bassinets, onesies, all things baby. It's time to let go.  :')  So I sent my hubby up into the 1,000 degree attic and down came the bins. 

As I look around at the MESS, I keep reminding myself that sometimes things look worse before they look better :)

We took down:
15 bins of just clothes 0-3months all the way to 4T
4  bags of toys and stuffed animals
3 bins of blankets and other bedding
2 high chairs
2 kick and play toys
1 bouncy seat
and tons of dust

My plan is to sort the bins (not the dust, we'll keep that) and give some of the clothing to my nieces and nephews.  The rest will go to consignment  ( I'll have more on consignment in another post) or Good Will.

There were a couple of things that I classified as keepsakes.  Those things I placed in a separate bin to save and give to my children when they are all grown up (tearing up right now).  I found their coming home outfit, first birthday outfit, toys that were their favorites and some other goodies.

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