Monday, February 04, 2013

Coffee Chaos: Moving the Coffee May Cause Distress

Last week I moved the coffee pot.  I really didn't really think anything of it until my sister in law almost had a heart attack when she went to make herself a cup of coffee and Keurig wasn't there.  The look on her face was priceless.  The relief when I told her that I moved the machine, I did not get rid of it was hysterical.  Turns out we are a VERY coffee dependent family :)

So she asked me why after all this time did I move it.  So here it is folks. . .

This is where the coffee pot lived for many years.

What a mess the cabinet is!

What is the problem you may ask?  Well it is next to the stove, which I have been using more and more.(I will make a meal plan post soon )   What has been happening is while I am trying to make dinner my hubby wants a cup of coffee.  For some reason he tends to stand there and watch as the coffee pours out of the machine.  My hubby is not a small man, standing at 6'1" and many pounds :)  SO, the bottom line is he has been getting in my way when I am trying to make dinner.  My choices were: 1. move the pot or 2. get rid of Jack.  Since I have grown rather fond of Jack ;)  I decided to move the pot.

Here is the coffee pot in it's new home:

Notice the marker hanging on the side of the fridge those are my daily chore/laundry lists.  I like to read it as I make my morning cup.

It is now located on the other side of the kitchen away from where I cook.  It fit perfectly in the space. I think it was fate.  Not really, I put the mixer that was there in the baking cabinet and it freed up the space on the counter.

 I put the items we use all the time near the coffee machine.

and I had plenty of space in the upper cabinet to organize the left over supplies.

 I can say that this was one of the best moves I have made.  My little girl loves that she can  reach the hot chocolate and doesn't need my help.  The best part I am not watching my meal burn while Jack makes a cup of coffee.

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