Monday, January 14, 2013

Bathroom Towel Chaos

Towel, towels, everywhere.  
It seems like everywhere I look there is a towel.  
They are on chairs, doors, and floors.  I have even found towels hanging on the mirrors.  
Crazy, I tell you.

Enough is enough.  I have decided to get this taken care of and create a towel system. 
( Ok, so I am a little bit of a nut about this )

First, I started by collecting the towels from around the house.

I purchased this peg hanger at the Container Store for about $12.   
Then I, I mean Jack attached it under the existing towel rack. 
( Why is there only one towel rack in a house with four people, I 'll never know ) 

Then, I color coded the towels.  Each family member now has a towel color.  
They know which towel to use and I know who didn't hang up their towel {evil grin}. WIN WIN !!!!!

A couple of labels and Voila!!!!! 

I gave Alex a mini version of my loofah, she loves it :)

 Organized chaos.  There is a place for towel, wash clothes, and loofahs. 

 We'll see how long it lasts :)

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