Monday, January 07, 2013

Organizing Ornaments: Time to Say Good Bye to Christmas:

Every year on Three Kings day (January 6) we pack up the Christmas decor and say good bye to Christmas.

With a little prep work putting away the decor has become a snap.

Here is what I do to kep the chaos organized:

1. I have the Christmas bins labeled so they are easy to find. I put away stockings, garland, and bows in bin so they will hold there shape for next year.  *Next year I hope to get all green bins to make it even easier to identify what is what :)

2. I have box that is only for ornaments. I bough it 11 years ago for our first Christmas. It has seen better days but it still works so I am not getting a fancy plastic one until this one breaks. Waste not.

Here is how I organize my ornaments:

First layer is round shatter proof ornaments.  They can take the brunt of being hauled up to the attic.
Second layer is sentimental ornaments.  We collect ornaments from our vacations and favorite places.  It feels grea talking about the memories that each ornament represents :)

Finally is the flat handmade ornaments.  These are the ornaments that the kids have made over the years.

3. Putting the Christmas tree away. Both my husband and I are allergic to pine trees so we have a fake one. ( I know the HORROR, but I like breathing, I find it keeps alive :)

As he takes  a layer of branches off, he ties them together.  This keeps all the layers in tack and no guessing as to where the branch belongs :)
Our tree is still in the same box it came in 11 years ago. Again, until it breaks we are keeping it :)

All packed up and ready to go to the attic.

Keeping everything organized this year makes putting the tree up super easy next year :)

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