Monday, January 21, 2013

Linen Closet Chaos

This weekend I decided it was time to tackle the linen closet.

Here is our linen closet:

Honestly, I thought it was organized.  If I had to find sheets or towels, I knew where they were. Then I saw this

 and I knew that I was organized but not pretty.  So I decided this was my next project. 

I made a list of what this closet had that I wanted.

1. Paint, I love the blue back drop.
2. A shelf for each room. 
3. Nicely folded sheets
4. Labels
5. Extra space for over flow.

So I emptied the closet, sorted and purged.  The usual organizing 101 steps :)

I went to Lowes and bought some paint and BOOM!

Jack painted the inside of the closet.  Someone had to make dinner ;)
I am loving the blue!!!!!  It is so bright and cheery, I enjoyed putting the linens back in :)

Here is the after, isn't she lovely.

In a perfect world all my sheets and towels would be white but this is the real world, and most of our sheets were gifts :) 

So back to my list:

1. Paint, I love the blue back drop.
2. A shelf for each room. Starting at the top shelf: Guest sheets, table linens, towels, our room, kids rooms, extra space.  YAY!
3. Nicely folded sheets
4. Labels - I have to find or make some. :)
5. Extra space for over flow.The lower shelf.  That pillow is getting a cover and moving downstairs to the sofa.  One of the bins on the second shelf is empty !!!!!

Not bad for weekend project.

In case your are wondering I only kept the sheets that had ALL their pieces.  Then I folded them using the "envelope method"  ( not sure if that is what it is called but that's what I call it :)   Basically, I put the pillow case, flat sheet and fitted sheet and put it in the pillow case.  I like it because it keeps everything together .

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